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I'm beginning to get my life together. It's a curious thing, having things happen the way you need them to. I mean, I doubt it'll stay this way, but you never know.
Signing up for school, getting stuff you need (new computer, ability to take a class where you get up off your ass and exercise), it's just really great.
Granted, my mom's fiancee is a complete asshole and she's letting him stay. Hopefully if he's out of line again she'll actually kick him out. She got closer than ever this time. Who knows?
All I know is as long as he's not yelling at her or complaining about me everything with him is okay. He may be an asshole but when he doesn't like it he at least seems like a nice person.
The problem is keeping in mind that people like that are assholes forever, usually, and sadly. I know far too many people that I've forgiven and been fucked over by again. It is NOT pleasant whatsoever.
I'm thirsty.

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